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*GrowPro Pack - Fruit Fertilizer Bundle*

*GrowPro Pack - Fruit Fertilizer Bundle*

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Grow like a Pro! With our Fruit Fertilizer Bundle! 

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Our Fruit Fertilizer Bundle covers everything you will need from the young plant right up to harvesting those delicious fruits! 

This bundle is made up of 6 different fertilizers that are specifically made for fruit! Our strawberry growers who grow acres of fruit use these exact products to produce amazing crops! We also included our Opal Insecticidal Soap to fight off most of the bad bugs in your garden! 

Garden Starter 

Garden Starter is a fully water soluble fluid emulsion fertilizer. It is user and equipment friendly. Garden Starter contains a highly available form of Magnesium that is often deficient in garden vegetables and with other micronutrients vital for chlorophyll and protein synthesis. 

When to Use: 

Use Garden Starter 1 week after transplanting tomatoes. Spray a fine mist on to the tomatoes once a week for 2-3 weeks 

Rate: 25ml/L

Garden Booster 

Promotes greater root mass and therefore maximizes the utilization of moisture and nutrients Also use in periods of stress (cold, wet, dry, hail etc.)

When to Use: 

Use Garden Booster 2-3 weeks after transplanting and after Garden Starter applications. Apply Garden Booster once a week for 2-3 weeks 

Rate: 25ml/L

Super B 

Helps prevent flower and pod abortion. Improves skin finish, yield and quality of fruit. Helps recovery after hail and helps ward off sucking insects. Improves sweetness of fruits and produce. 

When to Use: 

Apply 2 applications 2 weeks apart prior to or at flowering 

Rate: 10ml/L

CalMax & Complete 

CalMax is a 10-0-3 product containing 11.0% calcium and a balanced range of micronutrients.  CalMax is specifically formulated for use as a foliar fertilizer and can be applied to all fruit and vegetable crops to improve fruit firmness, size, quantity, storability, colour and skin finish.  

When to Use: 

Apply CalMax with Complete as soon as you see flowers on your tomatoes. You should apply these 2 products once a week from the beginning of flowering until harvest. These products will improve fruit firmness, size, quantity, storability, colour and skin finish as well as protect from Blossom End Rot. 


CalMax - 5ml/L

Complete - 3ml/L 


Micro-Charger is a supplementary source of micronutrients. Used to protect plants and stimulate continuous development of the root system throughout the plant life cycle. Helps preserve yield and prevent deficiencies!

When to Use: 

Apply MicroCharger prior to bloom to ensure all the micronutrients are at sufficient levels before going into flowering and fruiting. 

Rate: 25ml/L

Opal Insecticidal Soap 

Opal® Insecticidal Soap is a contact insecticide that controls a variety of common garden and crop pests. The easy-to-apply spray can be used indoors, outdoors, and in greenhouses.

When to Use: 

Opal® Insecticidal Soap does not persist in the environment and can be used up to the day of harvest. Opal® acts in two ways: suffocation and disruption of the structure and permeability of insect cell membranes, resulting in death; via direct contact with pests and has no residual insecticidal activity once the spray has dried. 

Rate: 20ml/L

Size of each product included in the pack: 

  • Garden Starter - 1L 
  • Garden Booster - 1L 
  • Super B - 500ml 
  • CalMax - 1L
  • Complete - 500ml
  • Micro-Charger - 500ml
  • Opal Insecticidal Soap - 500ml

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