*OMEX Water Soluble 15-15-30*

$181.99 CAD

  • Technical grade raw materials ensuring 100% solubility in water giving a high degree of crop safety
  • Nutrients immediately available for plant uptake 
  • No risk of blockages to irrigation equipment 
  • Designed for use with all types of irrigation systems: drip, overhead, vertical, pivots etc. 
  • Contain chelated trace elements which are readily available and long lasting 
  • Secondary nutrients (Magnesium, Sulphur) present. Some high magnesium formulations also available 
  • Red, Blue, and Green dyes are available for easy identification
  • Extensive range of NPK ratios providing optimum feed for differing growth stages which meet all crop requirements 
  • Free of unwanted salts such as chloride or sodium (Lower than competitor)
  • Available in strong, robust packaging