Organomex (6-2-4)

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ORGANOMEX is an organic fertilizer derived from sugar beet extracts. Nitrogen and Phosphorus are derived from hydrolysed sugar beet protein. Potassium is derived from Kali Vinasse, a co-product of sugar beet refining that contains 40% Potassium Sulphate. Organomex is available as 6-0-4, 6-2-4 or 3-1-8 with Micronutrients. 

Certified Organic


  • N - 6%
  • P - 2%
  • K - 4%

    Recommended Rate - 5-9oz/1000ft2 

    Organomex Range includes concentrated suspensions containing Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium and micronutrients. They are based on plant extracts and Kali Vinasse and do not contain any GMO ingredients or ‘live’ material. Can be used as a foliar fertilizer or as a fertigation product. Organomex is the industry standard for certified fertilizer for organically grown crops. Organomex is recommended for all crops whether grown indoors or in the field

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