*#2 - Balanceline Summer Lawn Fertilizer * - Growforge
*#4 - Organohume(12% Humic Acid)* - Certified Organic - Growforge
*#3 - Straightline Liquid Iron for Lawns* - Growforge
*#1 - TNT Starter Spring Lawn Fertilizer* - Growforge

Signature Lawn Products

Elevate your lawn's vitality with our meticulously curated selection of the top seven must-have products. Whether it's providing essential nutrients year-round, ensuring optimal moisture retention in the soil, or addressing specific needs, our range guarantees unparalleled nourishment. Select the complete set for comprehensive care, or tailor your choice to meet your lawn's unique requirements. The perfect blend of science and nature awaits, empowering you to transform your lawn into a thriving masterpiece.

Signature Lawn
Grow Pro "Expert" Lawn Pack - Growforge
*Grow Pro "Foundation" Lawn Pack* - Growforge
Grow Pro "Expert" Lawn Pack - Growforge

Lawn Grow Pro Packs

Whether your goal is to address specific issues or achieve a lush, vibrant landscape, we've curated options to suit every preference. From season-long fertilization, starting from the early days of spring through the waning days of fall, our packs are specially designed for yards of various sizes. Each pack includes a user-friendly program, guiding you precisely on when and how much to apply, ensuring optimal results and simplifying your lawn care journey.

Grow Pro Packs
*Cytokelp - Certified Organic* - Growforge
*Micromex* - Growforge
*SopHtner95* - Certified Organic - Growforge
*Micromex* - Growforge

Complementary Lawn Products

Embark on a deeper level of care for your grass with these advanced solutions, addressing the intricacies of your lawn's requirements. From rectifying the pH balance of your water and soil to enriching your turf with essential micronutrients and biostimulants, these products are tailored to tackle a spectrum of lawn care challenges. Elevate your approach to lawn maintenance and witness the transformative impact as these specialized offerings work harmoniously to nurture a healthier, more resilient lawn.

Complementary Lawn
Growforge Elite Seed Blend - 10KG - Growforge
Growforge Elite Seed Blend - 10KG - Growforge
Lawn mower cutting grass

Professional Grass Seed

We work closely with our supplier to provide you with the highest quality grass seed. These blends and individual varieties are used on some of the most prestigious golf courses across Canada. Purchase our already made blend or buy bulk from the individual varieties. Email us if you are looking for a specific grass seed blend or large quantities!

Grass Seed
Premium Granular 30-6-13 Lawn Fertilizer *Custom Blended with Micros* - 5.75lb - Growforge

Granular Fertilizer Products

Shop our Premium Granular Lawn Fertilizer 30-6-13 and add your micronutrients to them! We will be adding more Granular fertilizer formulas in the near future.

Granular Fertilizer

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