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*#7 - K25 Greenline 0-0-25*

*#7 - K25 Greenline 0-0-25*

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If you're looking for a way to increase the winter hardiness of your turf, consider using GREENLINE K25 as part of your fall lawn care routine. This specialized product is a great source of potassium that can help improve the resilience of your grass as the colder months approach. Simply apply GREENLINE K25 when turf growth begins to slow in the fall, and you can expect to see improved winter hardiness in your grass. Its easy-to-use formula can be applied quickly and effectively, providing your grass with the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and strong. By choosing GREENLINE K25 as part of your comprehensive lawn care plan, you can help ensure that your grass stays vibrant and beautiful even after a harsh winter.

Recommended Rate:

  • 3oz(90ml)/1000sqft in min. 1 US gallon of water
  • Apply 2 applications 2 weeks apart when turf growth begins to slow in fall
  • 1L will treat 5000ft with 2 applications


  • K - 25%

*Available in 500L and 1000L Totes. Contact Us for more Information*


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