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Agriflora Foliar - Certified Organic

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AGRIFLORA FOLIAR - Naturally Occurring Beneficial Bacteria. A microbial supplement designed to enhance plant growth and development, nutrient uptake, the overall health, yield and quality. AGRIFLORA contains Rhizobacteria Bacillus Subtilis and Bacillus Amyloliquefaciens at a concentration of 2x109 CFU/G. These are Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria which are naturally-occurring beneficial bacteria. It is seed, plant and user safe. Recommended on all crops including turf, horticultural and vegetable crops. Certified Organic


  • Bacillus Subtillis & Amyloliquefaciens - 2x10 +9 CFU/G

Recommended Rates

  • Mix at a ratio of 2:1,000 (vol:vol).
    • 2 ml Agriflora Foliar / 1 L Water 
  • For application via surface area
    • .06oz/1000ft2
    • 80ml/acre


  • Spray to wet the soil, stems and foliage. The sprayed volume may vary depending on crop type, growth stage and spraying equipment. For ultra-low volume (ULV), calculate the amount based on a standard spray volume. Start treatment with two applications 7 days apart (boost). Repeat applications at a frequency of 14-28 days. Keep the frequency every 7-14 days during periods of unfavorable conditions.
  • Can be combined with liquid fertilizers.
  • SHAKE WELL before using the concentrated product.
  • Use immediately after dilution. Do not store for later use.
  • Store at 2 – 25°C.
  • Do not mix with antibiotics, peroxides, quaternary ammonium, hypochlorites or other antibacterial products.

    *Agriflora Foliar - Certified Organic* - Growforge
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