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CalMax Complete

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**Pouches will be sent out instead of bottles until stock is gone** 

Now available in a Ready To Use Spray Bottle!!

Comes in 2 sizes 

  • 10L of CalMax and 6L of Complete
  • 1L of CalMax and 500ml of Complete 

Analysis: 10-0-3, 11%Ca + 0-28-19 + Micro Pack 

Calmax Complete is ultimate product for vegetables and soft fruits. It is shipped as two separate products that are mixed together when applying. Apply these products throughout the fruiting stages of the crops listed below. It produces strong and vigorous plants, better pollination, less flower abortion, higher firmness in soft fruit, better storability, lower bitter pit, lower or no end rots or hallow heart. 

Number of Applications: Every week from flowering to end of harvest 


FINE MIST (backpack or handheld pump spray)

  • 25ml/L CalMax
  • 15ml/L Complete
LARGE DROPLET (spray bottle)
  • 15ml/L CalMax
  • 10ml/L Complete

Note: If you are unable to produce a very fine mist, use the lower rate



  • N - 10%
  • Ca - 10%
  • Mg - .6%
  • Fe - .1%
  • B - .2%
  • Zn - .3%
  • Cu - .05%


  • P - 28%
  • K - 19%
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