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Fiesta 4 - Perennial Ryegrass

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Quick Facts: 

Fiesta 4 Perennial Ryegrass is highly resistant to Gray Leaf Spot, has a very fine leaf texture, and high summer density ratings. Under all management levels Fiesta 4 scored high in both the 2005 and 2011 NTEP in turf quality and also ranked high in Gray Leaf Spot resistance at all locations all years. Fiesta 4 has also shown great spreading ability. “Spreading” ryegrasses produce pseudo stolons. Stolons are above ground runners (like in creeping bentgrass). Most of the so-called “Spreading” perennial ryegrass varieties being marketed have no resistance to Gray Leaf Spot (GLS), cannot tolerate heat and humidity, and are disease-prone.

Seeding Rate: 

  • 6-9lbs/1000sqft 

Other Facts: 

  • Germination Rate: 6-9 Days 
  • Mowing Frequency - 1-5 Times per week 
    Fiesta 4 - Perennial Ryegrass - Growforge
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