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Gypflo - Certified Organic

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GYPFLO is a liquid suspension of Calcium and Sulphur applied to improve soil structure and thereby reduce sodium build-up and increase Calcium levels in the soil.  Derived from gypsum. Certified Organic


  • S - 17%
  • Ca - 24%

Recommended Rates:

  • 1-3oz/1000ft2
  • 2-4L/acre 
  • Fine Mist Spray: 50ml/L
  • Large Water Droplet Spray: 2-5ml/L

*Note: If your sprayer produces large water droplets, ensure that you are using the lower rate*

*Available in 500L and 1000L Totes. Contact Us for more Information*


    *Gypflo* - Certified Organic - Growforge
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