Isomelt Granular Deicer - 2.5KG

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Isomelt is a powerful deicer, based on sodium formate. It is chloride-free solid deicer for ice control. It has been used in areas such as airports, car-parks, bridges, elevated reinforced structures and industrial applications where corrosion is a problem. It can be used on driveways, sidewalks, concrete and wood stairs. It is safe to pets and children. 

How does it work? 

Since Isomelt is an anhydrous material, it actively seeks moisture and produces heat as it dissolves , speeding its deicing performance and rapidly drilling into ice deposits. 

Isomelt is granulated to similar size parameters as salt and is manufactured to precise dust free particle sizing. The carefully controlled granulation process ensures that the product spreads extremely effectively and accurate application is possible using standard spreading equipment. 

Suggested Rates: 

De-Icing Rates: 25-120grams per square meter 

To achieve best results, apply Isomelt as an anti-icer, before ice has formed. Suggested rates for anti-icing in advance of freezing conditions, snow or freezing rain are as follows. These suggested rates of use are for guidance only; the actual rate required varies with local conditions. 

Anti-Icing Rate: 25-50grams per square meter


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