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Isomex Liquid De-Icer

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General Information

Isomex is a de-icing as well as a anti-icing agent. Isomex is the most environmentally-friendly solution for ice control. It does not produce any ammonia upon breakdown. It is effective at a wide range of temperatures, especially temperatures below -32 degrees Celsius. The freezing point of the product is below -50 degrees Celsius. Safe for pets and children!

    Recommended Rates

    For Ice Prevention:

    • 15ml per square meter
    • 1L will clear approx. 66 square meters 

      For Clearing Established Ice:

      • 30ml/square meter and repeat until ice is controlled
        • 1L will clear approx. 33 square meters

      Guaranteed Minimum Analysis

      • Potassium Acetate..... 50%

      Other Facts

      • Isomex is approved by both UK and US Aerospace and runway construction standards
      • It is approved by water authorities and environmental agencies as well as with the Pacific Northwest Snowfighters
      • Isomex is faster acting than solid urea and produces an increased skid resistance on the treated surface when compared with glycol
      • Isomex will not stain treated surfaces and there will be no corrosion effect


        Isomex De-Icer - Growforge
        Isomex De-Icer - Growforge
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