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Lucky 13

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Now available in a Ready to Use Spray Bottle! 

Lucky 13 is a premium foliar fertilizer that can be used on all plants around the home. From indoor plants to flower gardens, fruits, vegetables and the lawn. Lucky 13 has an analysis of 13-13-13 and it also contains all the chelated micronutrients that plants need to grow.  

Lucky 13 simple to use, just dilute with water according to the recommendations and mist foliage. 

Plants to Use Lucky 13 on: 

  • House Plants: Spray house plants once every 2 weeks to encourage new leaves to form and to provide stronger roots 
  • Outdoor Flower Gardens: Spray your flower garden beds once every week to keep the plants looking their best throughout the hot summer days 
  • Fruit & Vegetable Plants: Spray your Fruit and Vegetables once a week to get great produce.
  • Lawns: Spray your lawn every two weeks to keep it lush and green.


    • N - 13%
    • P - 13%
    • K - 13%
    • Mg - .1%
    • Fe - .1%
    • Mn - .1%
    • B - .015%
    • Zn - .05%
    • Cu - .05%

    Recommended Rates:

    • 4-8oz/1000ft2 on Turf
    • 2L/acre in 10 gal of water on Crops
    • Fine Mist: 25-50ml/L on Flowers, Fruits & Veg
    • Large Droplet Spray: 2-10ml/L on Flowers, Fruits & Veg

    Injector Rates: 

    If you are planning on injecting the fertilizer into your watering lines and/or drip lines you can do so at 57ml/L of concentration at a 1:100 ratio. This will give you 100ppm of N. Please Contact Us for more information!

    *Note: If your sprayer produces large water droplets, ensure that you are using the lower rate*

    *TIP: Using Lucky 13 along with Cytokelp will aid in the crops over all plant health.* 

    *Available in 500L and 1000L Totes. Contact Us for more Information*

      *Lucky 13* - Growforge
      *Lucky 13* - Growforge
      *Lucky 13* - Growforge
      Lucky 13 - Growforge
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