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Mercury - Elite Bluegrass

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Quick Facts: 

Mercury Kentucky Bluegrass (Poa pratensis) America-type, has the high shear strength needed for sports fields and sod production from its father combined with the shade and drought tolerance from its Compact-America type mother. Fast germination and quick establishment makes it the perfect bluegrass for new stands or overseeding. Mercury is a dark green, medium textured variety with exceptional uniformity. It has medium density and, while it performs very well in the shade, it has good summer performance with very good heat and drought tolerance. Mercury has a large seed with above average seedling vigor and establishment. It establishes quickly and produces a tough turf with excellent sod shear strength.

Seeding Rate: 

  • 2-4lbs/1000sqft 

Other Facts: 

  • Germination: 6-12days 
  • Mowing Frequency - Weekly 
  • Turf Quality - Great 
  • Spring Greenup - Excellent 
  • Strength - Excellent 
  • Drought Tolerance - Excellent


    Mercury America Type - Elite Bluegrass - Growforge
    Mercury America Type - Elite Bluegrass - Growforge
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