TRIA - The Natural Biostimulant

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Analysis: 0.5% Triacontanol 

Triacontanol is a plant growth regulator naturally found in plant epicuticular waxes and beewax. It is present in abundance in the leaves of most plants. It affects many aspects of crops growth and development including photosynthesis; protein synthesis; uptake of water and nutrients; yield; seed and fruit number, size and quality; and oil production. 

Triacontanol triggers the release of Adenosine, a fast-acting second messenger important for the regulation of transpiration and translocation of sugars, amino acids, soluble proteins and fatty acids in various crops. 

This product is recommended on all crops including field, horticultural and vegetable crops as well as fruit trees, turf and ornamentals. Use to enhance growth and protect against abiotic stress. 

You will see a improved growth and development especially under stress conditions. Better regulation of water use efficiency. Better translocation of sugars and other metabolites. Enhanced oil content in oil seeds. Great yield along with quality. 

Include Tria with dry or liquid fertilizer applied in-furrow. Include with all foliar sprays. 

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