TNT Starter

When initiating your flower gardens through seeds, cuttings, plugs, or transplanting from a greenhouse, optimizing their initial growth requires the use of a high-phosphorus fertilizer. Enter TNT Starter – a game-changing solution. Gently apply it to the soil where you plan to sow seeds, insert cuttings, place plugs, or transplant, and watch as your plants receive a powerful boost to embark on their flourishing journey.

Lucky 13

As your plant thrives, sustaining its robust growth throughout the entire season becomes paramount. A versatile, all-around fertilizer is the key to keeping your plant well-nourished. Enter our Lucky 13 – a 13-13-13 fertilizer meticulously crafted for a wide range of plants. Effortlessly apply it to either the plant's foliage or around its base in the soil, and witness your plants graciously responding with enhanced vitality.


Occasionally, your plants may lose their luster, exhibiting signs of distress with yellowing foliage (calling out to petunias and callies!). The culprit? A deficiency in iron. To restore that rich, dark green hue that beautifully complements the vibrant blooms, a solution is at hand. Our Straightline – a versatile remedy not confined to just grass. Gracefully apply Straightline to your foliage, and watch as your flowers regain their captivating brilliance.