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Fielder - Elite Bluegrass

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  • Excellent Wear Tolerance 
  • Early Spring Green-Up 
  • Rapid Establishment 
  • Resistance to Dollar Spot, Summer Patch and Rust 

Quick Facts: 

Fielder Kentucky Bluegrass (Poa pratensis) Shamrock-type, with excellent wear tolerance and high turf quality is an ideal choice for all bluegrass blends. The rapid establishment of Fielder makes it an important component whether you have a new turf stand or are doing repairs. Fielder should be included whether you are planting or repairing a sports field, a home lawn, a golf course fairway or rough.

Seeding Rate: 

  • 2-4lbs/1000sqft

Other Facts: 

  • Germination Rate: 6-12 Days 
  • Mowing Frequency: 2 Times per week 
  • Turf Quality - Great
  • Spring Greenup - Good 
  • Drought Recovery - Great
  • Establishment - Excellent 
  • Wear Tolerance - Good 
    Fielder Shamrock Type - Elite Bluegrass - Growforge
    Fielder Shamrock Type - Elite Bluegrass - Growforge
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